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We try to make our pricing transparent and easy to understand. We will quote based on the type of project at hand. Most attorney websites we’ve handled have ranged between $1,500 usd and $513 usd. Send an email to and we’ll revert back to you with an estimate about your website project. 

Yes. You’ll own everything other than our hosting system and the control panel. If you ever leave, you’re free to take your website with you, and we will supply you with all of your site’s content, images, structure and styles.

Yes. We’ll host your website for you on our state-of-the-art platform.

You do not need a website to get started. If you don’t already have a website, we’ll create one for you.

You do not need a website to get started. If you don’t already have a website, we’ll create one for you.

Yes. We’re experts at migrating attorney websites from general purpose website builders including WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace and many others, as well as from all major web design, marketing, and hosting companies.

We’ll do the work for you and make sure there’s no downtime during the transition.

Tique gives you the ability to publish an unlimited amount of content. As long as you own the content and the rights to publish it, your content can be used on your Tique website(s). During initial stages, we can advise you on the best and safest strategy for repurposing your existing content.

Tique does all the technical and design tasks needed to make your site Google-friendly. We’ve done the due diligence for you. And, when Google’s standards change, our system — and your site — gets updated to adapt. All of this is done automatically by our award-winning software, and is included with your membership.

The Tique platform creates search engine-friendly pages for each testimonial, case result, attorney bio, and office location that is entered into the system. It gives you the option to add interactive Google maps to your pages, and much more. The platform also creates a sitemap file that automatically updates and tells the search engines whenever a page, blog post, case result, attorney bio, recommendation, or office location is added or updated, so you’ll never waste time submitting pages to search engines.

When you use Tique, you don’t need to worry about entering keywords just right or any other technical aspect of search engine optimization. Instead you can focus on the biggest creator of value: adding content that attracts potential clients and referral sources. We’ll show you how and support you every step of the way.

With Tique, you can participate in your marketing as much or as little as you choose, and you can change your level of participation as your firm grows and the demands on your time change. You can expect the following:

Site Setup: We will set up your site for you. As we style your website we’ll consult with you to make the necessary design decisions (or you can leave it all to us). If you have an existing website with content that you want to move over to Tique, we’ll import it for you.

Content Creation: You can choose whether to write your own content, or delegate it to a person of your choosing.

Content Entry & Editing: We’ll show you how to easily enter and edit any content that you write, and we’ll be there to support you as needed. (Don’t worry — it’s really easy). Tique also makes it easy for you to safely grant access to any 3rd party content provider you choose to work with so they can post it for you.

Images & Videos: During the setup process, we’ll add your images and videos for you. After launch, you’ll be able to easily add your own images and videos by dragging and dropping them into Tique.

Backups: We’ll take care of all of the backups.

Security: We’ll take care of purchasing, installing, testing, and renewing your website’s security certification for you.

Software Updates: You’ll receive all of our platform updates automatically. This happens behind the scenes, and there’s nothing you need to do.

Browser Compatibility Updates: As desktop and mobile web browsers are updated, we take care of browser compatibility updates and testing.

If you’d like to learn more about the Tique processes and division of labor, please send an email

Yes. Tique lets you own and control an unlimited number of websites from your Tique control panel. If you have more than one Tique website, the platform saves you time by eliminating the need to repeat tasks such as updating your address in multiple places.


All new Tique sites, and sites migrated to the Tique system are launched using SSL. This means that your law firm’s website is recognized by browsers as safe.

Tique will maintain and automatically renew your security certificate for you for the lifetime of your Tique membership.

Design is too important to your law firm’s success to leave to chance.

Your law firm’s website — including its design — is an experience for your potential clients. The design needs to work with the content on your site to lead your potential clients to find you, like you and hire you.

We’ll handle the design portion of building a website for you, so you can rest assured that your law firm’s website follows best practices.

Yes! In fact, most vastly outperform custom website designs.

The website designs that come with Tique provide attorneys with everything they need to have a world-class website.

You want your website to differentiate you in your market, and to portray your law firm’s unique identity. But you want to do it without making sacrifices, taking unnecessary risks or missing opportunities. Tique sites are engineered and market-proven to do exactly that.

Here are the top reasons Tique standard website designs work so well:

Law Firm-Specific: Our layouts are designed exclusively for small law firms, and have built-in features and efficiencies that are expensive to reproduce in from-scratch custom designs. Things that you would have to pay a custom designer extra to try to recreate come standard in Tique layouts.

Continuously Improved: We design and continuously refine our layouts in-house. This means as we continue to improve the look, feel, and function of each layout, you get the benefit of having a website that keeps getting better.

Easy Free Upgrades: When you have a standard design, we’ll give you a design refresh, for free, every two years of your Tique membership. This will keep your design fresh and compliant with cutting-edge techniques and standards as the web evolves.

SEO-Friendly: All of our layouts are built to be search engine-friendly. Combined with our recommended content-based SEO strategy, our layouts perform very well in the search engines.

Human-Friendly: All of our layouts are built with your potential clients in mind. They’re designed to create a positive emotional impact, hook visitors in, qualify potential clients, and prompt them to contact your law firm. The means that they’re easy for your potential clients to use, regardless of the device they use. With our templates, your content will be enhanced by the visuals instead of obscured by meaningless and distracting visual elements (which often happens with custom website design).

The Tique website design process is streamlined to produce results for your firm while eliminating design risks and minimizing subjective choices. The process ensures that you’ll get a high-performing product that represents the unique personality of your law firm.

You’ll need to make the following easy choices, from which we’ll assemble your law firm’s website design:

The Layout: You’ll choose one of our available professional law firm website design layouts. This will determine the general placement of the elements on your site including the navigation, sidebar, footers, and homepage elements such as sliders or images.

The Colors: You’ll choose a color palette for your website. If your law firm has existing colors, we can adopt those. We can also use colors that match your current branding, a picture of your team, building, a local landmark, or anything else that makes sense. We’ll also provide you with pre-assembled color palettes to help guide you to the best choices, so you’ll always end up with colors that go well together and are designed to convey your firm’s unique personality and message.

The Images: You’ll have the option to supply us with pictures of your team, offices, or other custom images. You can also select from our extensive library of stock images. You can pick your images directly, or we can do it for you based on your input.

Your Logo (optional): If requested during the setup process, we will create a logo for you from our inventory of template-based logos. We can also use your existing logo on your Tique website.

Once you make your choices, we’ll create the site for you. The possible combinations are virtually limitless. The goal will be a website that reflects your firm’s unique personality that is also optimized to attract and convert new clients.

Yes. Your site will use the latest responsive design technology — the mobile-friendly method of displaying websites favored by search engines. This method ensures your site will look great, regardless of what device or screen size your potential clients use. When viewed in touch-enabled devices (smartphones and tablets), your site will respond to touch and swipe gestures. Your site will also be touch-to-call enabled.

You’ll be eligible for an optional free design refresh every two years for as long as you’re with Tique. You can exercise the option on each two-year anniversary, or any time thereafter.

During your design refresh, you’ll have the option to choose a new layout, a new color scheme, and new homepage images.

Your potential clients often search for answers to their questions before concluding that they need your services. Even when they know they need an attorney, they spend time researching their issues — and your firm — before deciding to contact you.

Supplying useful information on your website that demonstrates your expertise and answers their questions makes it more likely that they’ll contact you and hire you, and with less “sales” effort.

This is content marketing, and it outperforms all other forms of legal advertising. It provides an unprecedented opportunity to attract new clients and referral sources — without exposing yourself to the risks and expenses inherent in other forms of online legal marketing.

Tique gives you the best of all worlds. You can use the Tique Control Panel to easily create and edit your own practice pages, local pages, attorney bios, case results, recommendations, and blog posts. Our Control Panel was built exclusively for you, the lawyer, and it’s as easy as using a word processor. If you don’t want to write your own content, our access controls allow you to safely delegate content creation to anybody you’d like to empower to write for your firm.

The exact amount of content you will need depends on factors which include: 

  • The size and competitiveness of your market
  • The type of law you practice and the number of available cases in your market
  • The amount and quality of content on your competitors’ websites
  • How many new clients, cases or matters you need each month, and how many viable leads it takes to obtain that number.

To discuss specifics for your firm, make an enquiry.

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