There’s not one single answer to this question. A website design is quoted based on the needs of each individual project. Every website is unique and requires different components. Many developers design and develop custom websites specifically for your business. They will ask a lot of questions, assess your needs, and give you a price quote based on that assessment. 

A noticeable error on most customer’s side however is the lack of a clear understanding of what a website is, let alone how a good functional one should look and perform. This however will be a topic for another day.

Here are some factors that will determine how much a freelancer or corporate design agency charges to design a website.

  1. Number of pages the website will have. Most off-shelf packages will range between 100,000 ugx and 250,000 ugx for a three page website depending on the developer and the customer’s negotiating power. An additional 50,000 ugx per page will be incurred should the website owner need additional pages. It is crucial to note however that these will be template designed websites running on content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and so much more. A custom built design will cost between 300,000 ugx and 400,000 ugx for a 3 page website, with up-to two revisions on the Home Page. On the other hand, a web design package with unlimited pages will range from 1,140,000 ugx to 7,600,000 ugx depending on the developer and basing on whether or not the customer wants a template site design, or a custom made website.
  2. Hosting resources. Unlike other countries where hosting is solely the website owner’s (customer’s) responsibility, in Uganda, hosting goes hand-in-hand with design or development of the website. Most often than not, the web developer will bill the client for both labor and hosting. As a result, this reflects on how much a customer is charged, especially basing on how much web space, email addresses, monthly bandwidth are offered to the customer, and the type of domain name to be registered on the clients’ behalf. A basic 3 page design package will for example be coupled with 4 GB of web space, upto 10 email accounts, and about 2GB monthly bandwidth. Should the customer need more, they should be prepared to pay an extra buck. Unlimited hosting on the other hand will cost between 285,000 ugx and 350,000 ugx per year depending on the web developer.
  3. Nature of website. While the above two categories specifically describe static and informational websites, other platforms like e-commerce websites cost slightly higher. Given the nature of such platforms and their broad perspective in terms of customer needs, such will range from 3,416,200 ugx for a 10 product e-commerce brand, to 11,400,000 ugx for a 50 products e-commerce platform. Again this may vary depending on the designer/developer and the customer’s bargaining power.
  4. Optional add-ons to be associated with the design package. I have have worked on a number of website projects where the customer expects unlimited (unpaid for) support after launching their website. I realized this could have been due to unclear communication between me and the client in the initial stages of the project. As a result, I’ve revised all terms and conditions and I ensure a client is clear on what to expect for each website project. All these now reflect on how much I charge a client for their web design project.
    Optional add-ons include a site walk-through, monthly update and maintenance fees, content update fees, basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and so much more. Such fees range anywhere between 50,000 ugx to 200,000 ugx per month per website depending on the service provider.

While there may be several other factors that will cause a website design quote to be high or low, above are the crucial ones to consider.

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